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About the Band


The City of Wellington Pipe Band won their first New Zealand Grade 1 title in 1955 and with the exception of 1958 when the band went overseas were either winners or runners-up every year from 1951 to 1988. The band has won the Australian Championship once and the Victorian Championship twice. The band won the South of England Championship in 1958 which made them qualified to be able to compete in Grade 1 in the Worlds and other international competitions. All bands who have competed in the UK since then have been able to compete in Grade 1 on the basis of the performance of the 1958 band.

McKenzie Tartan

In 1958 the band competed in several other contests, but most notably the European Championship in Renfrew where they came 4th. The Worlds in Aberdeen where they came 7th and won the drill and deportment with 100% and Bob Binning the Drum Major won the Worlds Drum Major competition. The Band were asked to perform the display (which was without whistle) after the Worlds which was received with acclaim.

The City of Wellington Pipe Band is the official pipe band to the Wellington City Council. By mayoral decree it displays the official crest of the Wellington City Council as part of its uniform.

City of Wellington Crest

The band has played at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 1980 and 1987. The CNE Tattoo in Toronto in 1975 and twice in tattoos in Australia around '78 and '82. The band is also in the Guinness Book of Records for the most consecutive wins in a national championship by a pipe band.

While playing at Toronto in 1975 the band performed the display wearing spats and with lights on their shoulders, the stadium lights were put out during the performance and the crowd went wild!

Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Championships 2012

The band wears the McKenzie Tartan as seen above.