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Education and Tuition

No matter how young or old, or how much musical experience you have, learning to play a musical instrument can be one of the most rewarding achievements of your life.

Learning to play the chanter

Our members are available to provide training in both solo piping and drumming to:

  • Beginners wanting to learn to play the bagpipes or drums
  • Soloists looking to improve their performance in the competition circuit
  • Individuals with aspirations of competiting in Bands at the highest level

The City of Wellington Pipe Band offers a wide range of music tuition options including:

  • Individual one-on-one lessons
  • Small groups
  • Beginner Bands
  • Intermediate Bands
  • Premier bands

To enquire about our music tuition and education services, or our next Band practice, please contact us using the methods listed on the right hand side bar.

If thy neighbor offend thee, give each of his children bagpipes.

- Scottish Proverb